Digital transformation solutions

We Provider of Disruptive Digital Technology Business Platforms Which Enables Service Industry with UNIFIED COMMUNICATION SOLUTION Blended with VIDEO, For Marketing, Service Delivery & Customer Support, Helping Them Enhance Their Reach & Reduce the Cost. 

We have a Digital Disruptive Platforms for BFSI, HealthCare, Education, Enterprise HR Talent Acquisition, Enterprise Training, Supply Chain Collaboration, Field Force Collaboration, CRM, Video Call Centers & BPOs.

Mobile Solutions

  • Native Mobile Application Development
  • Innosoft Platform Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development Consulting
  • Cross Platform Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Mobile Enablement Services
  • Mobile Applications Web Services Integration

Productivity Solutions

  • Innovation Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Talent Management
  • Learning Management
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Analytics

e-Government Solutions

  • E Governance
  • E Citizen Services
  • E Democracy
  • E Judiciary
  • E Parliament
  • E Procurement
  • E Education
  • E Health
  • E Transportation
  • E Land
  • E Cattle Management

Smart City Solutions

  • Smart Transportation Management
  • Smart Traffic Management
  • Smart Solid Waste Management
  • Smart Emergency Helpline Management
  • Smart Distribution Network

Facilities Management Solutions

  • Property, Tenant & Lease Management – Track owned and rented payables, receivables and leases
  • Space Management – Manage Space utilization in each location and increase occupancy ratios
  • Physical Asset Management – Track all fixed, consumable and IT assets life cycle from PO to disposal
  • Maintenance Management – AMC Tracking, plan and execute preventive maintenance
  • Helpdesk Management – Track turnaround time for raised requests and monitor day to day activities
  • Reservation and Resource Manager – Online Room Reservations and Resource Booking
  • Admin Functions – Create Users, Assign Roles & Responsibilities to those users, manage masters
  • Reporting & Analytics – Flexible Reporting Capability included in each module