Various Business Processes for Insurance Business Development and Customer Care Management that can be truly transformed by using our Digital Business Platform designed for Insurance Companies:

Business Development – Acquiring New Customers – Insurance Company can typically start out automating its sales process – “Video Walk-In”. The walk-in process is a valid starting point for Business Process (for Insurance Policies) since our solution provides truly business transformation capabilities. “Pre-approved” Insurance processes that integrate into the Video Walk-in process. Also, the Macro activities (core process) cycle time, such as; Insurance Quote, Insurance Request, Insurance Review, Insurance Approval can be crashed leveraging our solution

  1. Processing Application for New Insurance Policy (IP) –For new IP TTYs speed, promise and individualized negotiations are key elements. Our Rank’s Solution focusses at this TTY. All documents required for the processing can be exchanged in real time over our software (e.g. KYC documents – PAN Card, Address & Age proof, ITR Return,); IP premium payments etc.; it will help reducing cycle time substantially and the TTY here is critical to o attract and retain the customer.
  2. Renewal of Insurance Policy: Insurance Customer Care agents will be able to take request and act on the same in real time Face to Face for renewal as well as payment by and will be able to execute the payment through payment Gateway, if the client has payment gateway arrangement with any bank or can leverage our gateway software.
  3. Insurance Claim Settlement: Claim settlement is one of the most critical business tasks and process that consumes high volume of internal resources as well engagement of Third Party Advisors (TPA) and Surveyors. Our Digital Business Platform for insurance is designed for “Face To Face (F2F) collaboration between Claim Settlement Agent, Customer, Surveyor, TPA with Multi-Way Calls, Live Document Exchanges, etc. and thus drastically reduce your “Time To Settle Claims (TTSC)” by 30-50% and the costs by 20-40% depending upon business process transformative efforts by the Insurance Co.
  4. Reporting Theft & Loss of Insurance Policies – Customer can face to face report the loss of IP Card/ Documents; send the scan/ photocopy of the IP, etc. to provide adequate details for Insurance Co. to act. This Business Video media will be far more authentic, quick and foolproof. : Customer Care Agent can match the picture from Companies’ record with that of caller on the video screen o ensures there is no fraud. Our solution will be highly effective for his business process.
  5. Any other KYC related services such as “Change of address”, Insurance coverage Enhancement Request, etc. can be executed real time, then & there over our Video Insurance solution.