App Studio is Innosoft’s Mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) which is an all-inclusive group of both services and products to allow mobile applications to be developed. With a wide variety of mobile devices, user groups and networks, the development of mobile applications can be extremely difficult. App Studio handles this problem by managing all different devices across OS’s both when they are deployed and during the entire lifecycle of the mobile application.

App Studio is beneficial because its approach is both inclusive and long-term, which is a major improvement from standalone mobile apps.

App Studio helps a company develop any given mobile app one time and then deploy the app to many different mobile devices, which includes tablets, ruggedized handheld devices and smartphones. App Studio ensures that the app is compatible with each device that it is sent to without changing the way that the app functions.

App Studio consists of a mobile client application and a mobile middleware server. The middleware server stores data wherever necessary, manages data security, system integration, scalability, communications, cross-platform support, and more. The client applications then connect to the server and are the driving force behind both business logic and user interface on any given mobile device.

What is App Studio?

App Studio is a proprietary cloud based mobile app generation platform developed to enable enterprise customers to create mobile apps –

  • Across multiple technologies (O.S)
  • Quickly
  • Securely
  • Lowest development costs