The Knowledge Management (KM) addresses the broad process of locating, organizing, transferring and more efficiently using tacit and explicit knowledge and expertise within an organization.

Under increasing competitive pressure, many organizations are examining, how their intellectual capital can be managed and nurtured better? With pace of global competition, edge lies in more efficiently transferring knowledge across the organization among the knowledge workers.

Innosoft has been successful in implementing its KM program in various organizations.

Innosoft with its User Centered Software Engineering (UCSE) methodology enables organization meet users expectations by identified their needs and systematically linking that with project mission, goals and objectives.

Innosoft UCSE recommends three step approach to successfully deploy Knowledge Management Portal, these three steps are:

  • Conceptualization
  • Construction
  • Confirmation

Innosoft has a rich reusable asset library built over the period of last 5 years developing many SharePoint based applications. Components in the library are developed with 4 key attributes like:

Innosoft Asset Library recommends four step approach to successfully deploy Knowledge Management Portal, these four steps are: The key services offered by Innosoft are:

  • Configurability
  • Reusability
  • Extendibility
  • Security

People are the most critical factor in Knowledge Management. People participate in KM activities including Knowledge creation, generation, usage and dissemination. Organization should institutionalize an incentive and recognition system for individuals and divisions to encourage participation and collaboration in KM activities.

KM should deliver processes for key functional and operational activities in support of the following processes:

  • Creation, organization, storage and distribution of information
  • Making information available and accessible to all stakeholders
  • Designing and promoting knowledge base services
  • Capturing tacit knowledge from the minds of the knowledge workers

Information and communication technologies play a key role in facilitating KM. Organization wide access to KM architecture, Web based applications, high performance, user friendliness, standardized structure, and easy to administrate system are key requisite of supporting KM technology infrastructure. Knowledge Management Portal is one of the important requirements of KM program in any organization. Keeping in the view KM and Innovation Management requirements Innosoft offers features with the components available in our asset library which can be either used as-is or customized / extended to suit the functional behavior as desired.

Built-in SharePoint RSS capability let you configure one source RSS feed. Innosoft’s RSS aggregator combines multiple RSS feeds and gives the consolidated view to the end user.

Analyzes the blog activity in the solution and displays the Most Recent, Most Discussed and Most Viewed Blogs in the portal

  • Video and Audio Players with playlist capability
  • Forum
  • Quick Links components
  • Seek an Expert / SME Navigator
  • My KM Briefcase
  • KM Award Point system
  • Idea Management Solution
  • Ask a question

Innosoft has been successful in implementing its KM program in various organizations. Our key success factors are:

  • Right User experience
  • Effective Information Architecture
  • KM centric collaboration
  • Access rights management